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Rabbi Dovid Kahn


Rabbi Moshe Zev Kahn

S'gan Menahel

Rabbi Ephraim Weingarden

Boys General Studies Coordinator

Mrs. Sara Menucha Kahn

Principal Girls Division


Mrs. Sarah Leah Kahan

Girls High School Coordinator

Mrs. Hindy Levine

Assistant Principal General Studies

Mrs. Chana Steinmetz

Preschool Director

Rabbi Yehuda Amsel

Director of Community Relations

Rabbi Tzvi Jacobson

Director of Development

Mrs. Chanita Wiener

Director of Special Programs


Mr. Aryeh Gibber


Yeshivas Darchei Torah is dedicated to the highest ideals and standards of Torah education. Our goal is to develop the full potential of each of our precious students, while inculcating them with good character traits and a true love of Torah. Our professional and warm teachers, a uniquely developed curriculum and creative educational techniques, combine to create the ideal learning environment. 

Emphasizing religious education, teaching both Hebrew and Yiddish, and with a fully accredited General Studies program, Yeshivas Darchei Torah is educating today’s children with yesterday’s values, and preparing them to take a role in the challenges of tomorrow.

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