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Resilience: Just one word that fuels the future.
It gives meaning to yesterday with a promise for tomorrow.
It’s the balm for the tired spirit as it energizes the soul.
We view our vicissitudes in life as the catalyst for change, for rebirth, for the dawning of a new day.
What greater treasure can we gift our children than the fortitude to stare adversity in the face with optimistic glasses?
Yeshivas Darchei Torah is turning to you, our dear friends and supporters, to help us ensure the success of our mission, by continuing your support during our annual raffl  e campaign.  Our educators, partners in transmitting the heritage of our People, impart life’s message to each and every precious child - that we are a nation of believers, and with unwavering faith we know that we will always be – resilient.

Our raffle gimmick is unique. The grand prize is a money pot that grows depending on how many tickets are sold. Last year, the grand prize grew to over $11,000!! In addition, over $21,000 in prize packages were won.

The prize package drawing will be as follows: The first winning name picked will get to choose the prize package of their choice. The second name selected will have the next choice. The third name will have the third choice, etc. The final winner will receive the prize package that is left. Each winner will have 48 hours in which to choose their prize package.

In the merit of sustaining Torah education, may you have the strength and fortitude to rise above life’s challenges and enjoy Hashem’s blessings.

Image by Francesco Gallarotti
The  goal of resilience is to thrive